Advocate Capital Management provides innovative portfolio-based risk mitigation solutions

A Multi-Strategy Approach To Effective Market Risk Management

Advocate Capital Management focuses on providing market protection and risk mitigation solutions to help clients effectively manage risk. Advocate's Macro Risk Hedging (MRH) and Rising Rate Hedging (RRH) strategies are designed to mitigate portfolio risk during episodes of market stress with significantly lower long-term cost than available market alternatives. Advocate's CIO has been managing multi-strategy risk mitigation portfolios continuously since 2012. Advocate also offers customized risk mitigation solutions for specific client requirements.

What We Do

Advocate Capital Management offers risk mitigation solutions centered around its proprietary multi-strategy portfolio protection technology. Advocate risk mitigation solutions, including Macro Risk Hedging (MRH) and Rising Rate Hedging (RRH), are implemented via separately-managed account or commingled fund form. Advocate's portfolio protection solutions may be custom-tailored for specific portfolio risk profiles. A key attribute and requirement of Advocate protective portfolio construction is high liquidity even during episodes of severe market stress. Advocate also offers customized risk mitigation solutions for specific corporate treasury department needs.  

What Sets Us Apart

Advocate has built its multi-strategy portfolio technology on the first-hand experience of its CIO during the Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), Internet Bubble and the Global Financial Crises. Our risk mitigation solutions (MRH, RRH) offer clients portfolio protection at a substantially lower cost of carry than available market alternatives. Advocate's portfolio protection solutions employ high liquidity strategies that have demonstrated the ability to maintain liquidity even during the worst of market shocks and crises. Advocate also works closely with clients to ensure that the risk mitigation solution is appropriate to the client's risk profile and risk mitigation requirements.


Our focus is in providing the right solution for a client's specific needs. Customized risk mitigation solutions are designed around a mutual understanding of the client's risk profile and hedging goals. We quantify and clarify client portfolios' potential risk exposure using Advocate's proprietary and intuitive Risk Fingerprint methodology.  Our bespoke solutions are focused solely on Institutional and Accredited Investors.   


We are licensed as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Our firm is registered with:

  • U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • National Futures Association (NFA)
  • NMSDC certified Minority Owned Firm